Making paper cranes out of old paperwork.

Yeah, have this without the text.

Yeah, have this without the text.

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//i’d be willing to thread with you <:

// ovo ok~! did you have anything in mind?

Send one of these to my muse and they'll react to having it whispered in their ear. It's a mix of fluff, angst, and nsfw.
"I'm going to kill you."
"You're mine, and mine alone."
"No one's gonna harm you."
"Stay away from me."
"Watch your back."
"Kiss me or kill me, the choice is yours."
"I'm going to make you tremble."
"I love you."
"I hate you."
"By the time I'm done with you the whole block is going to know my name."
"What's that? Cat got your tongue?"
"If you don't leave right now I'm going to kick your ass."
"I want you, now."
"I need you."
"You can't touch me."
"Promise me you'll be gentle."
"You don't make the demands here."
"Stop me if you hate me so much."
"I'm going to tear you inside out."
"Say my name."
"Stay with me, please."
"Don't leave."
"You're the best thing I have."
"Please don't hate me."
"You're all I have left."
"Say that you love me, please I need to hear it."
"Just leave I don't need you."
"Hope is a lie."
"I want to have your babies."
"I want you to have my babies."


Byakuya got Miki's back. He killed three of them without using bankai so

Still doesn’t bring back Kensei, Rose and Rangiku.

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youre late but welcome to the feels party

cries for 8 million years