"I’ll have it fixed in no time, and procure a few things to help
with it should it occur again.”

"Ah, well thank you~ I’ll try not to mess it up again." 

Passes a wet towel to help wipe the soot off of her face. ;u;/

"I can’t get much right so far."

or just make and excuse for head captain. I’m sure he’ll get you a new one, we do it all the time B]

"Go through a lot of haoris do you, Hitsugaya-san?"

Raises hand. I can fix it.

Bless Unohana.

Overhears something of a custom Kidō in the works and swings by to observe the training? o v o

Consists of a lot of note taking and a lot of things exploding in her face. Not exactly good to watch.

you might get in trouble D: hide in uki's haori until you fix it!

How does one get char marks out a haori exactly?

Has a slightly charred haori….do you get in trouble for mussing up your haori?




 The swaying, while soothing, brought him to close his eyes to ‘Need’. That was the keyword that struck him, repeated after her in a faint mutter while it echoed in his head. Kōta can’t deny the nigh unbearable warmth that was overtaking him in her presence, but it wasn’t sickness, that much he knew. Lying down wasn’t what he needed.

I need you. Now.

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Miki continued to tap his cheek but there was no answer. No verbal answer, that is. But, as they stood in the middle of her living room, things were starting to add up in her head. While Kotarou was always affectionate he usually lacked a sort of energy. It was hard to pin point it, never having seen him act in such a way. He was more handsy than normal, sort of let’s say….needy?

Part of her wanted to laugh, Kotarou suddenly behaving well, a lot like she did (although she did a fairly good job of hiding it from him). She wondered what caused him to want her so suddenly, but she wasn’t about to protest it.

Turning around, part of her couldn’t help but make a slight dig. Miki reached up on her tip toes, pressing her lips to his neck in a brief kiss. 

She stepped away from him and walked in the direction of her bedroom, her haori flowing behind her as her hips swayed. She was positive he’d follow.